Tues 2030 Directed Net

Loudoun ARES Net Script.  Hosted by KI4AD (IAD – Dulles) Repeater – 145.31 MHz (PL 77)

  1. (Five minutes before the net ) All stations please standby for the Loudoun ARES Net.  Your net control station is XXXXX [SPELL YOUR CALL SIGN PHONETICALLY]  [NAME] located in  __________.
  2. Is there an Alternate Net Control Station (NCS) on frequency?
  3. (8:30PM) The Loudoun County ARES net meets on this repeater each Tuesday evening as a local net to provide public service information and training in directed net operations only.
  4. Are there any stations with traffic or announcements?
  5. When checking into the net – please give your call sign phonetically and slowly. State your name and location.
  6. Are there any portable, mobile or stations on emergency backup or battery.  Verify call ins by repeating back the call signs.
  7. All other stations wishing to check into, please spell out your call sign using phonetic spelling, state your name and location.
    – Verify call ins by repeating back the call signs. – 
  8. (Closing) Thank you. This is [your call] for the Loudoun ARES weekly net. Are there any late check-ins before we close the net this evening? Please call now. (Note / acknowledge check-ins and handle any discussion)
  9. This net meets here each Tuesday evening at 8:30PM local time. Our next in person meeting is scheduled for _____.
  10. Please visit ldnares.org  for more information or to join Loudoun ARES.
  11. Thanks to everyone who participated, especially those new to the net. The Loudoun ARES Net is closed at (local time) and the KI4AD 145.31 MHz (PL 77) repeater is returned to regular use. [CALL SIGN] Net Control Clear.
  12. Enter call ins by Posting a comment to this page.