Emergency Communications


Primary VHF Repeaters

Primary:  WA4TXE Repeater - 146.70 MHz (no PL)
Secondary: N4FSC Repeater - 145.31 MHz (PL 77)

NOTE: If the primary repeater is down try other and if no repeater use simplex at 147.48 MHz.

Mutual Assistance VHF Repeaters

Alexandria ARC,  147.315+,  PL 107.2,
Arlington RPSC,  146.625–,  PL 107.2, Arlington County RACES
Culpepper ARA,  147.120+,  PL 146.2
Dulles ARG,  145.310–,  PL 77.0
MARC (Rockville),  146.995–, NO PL
Mt. Vernon ARC,  146.655–,  PL 141.3
Old Virginia Hams (Manassas),  146.970–,  PL 100.0, Prince William County ARES/RACES – Logistics Net
Skywarn/NoVA Traffic Net (Bluemont),  147.300+,  PL 146.2
Southern MD ARC (Brandywine),  147.150+,  PL 114.8
Vienna Wireless,  146.685–, NO PL
Winchester,  146.820–,  PL146.2
Woodbridge Wireless,  147.240+,  PL 107.2,  Prince William County ARES/RACES – Operations Net


The primary simplex frequency for all operations is 147.48 MHz with NO PL tone.

ODEN/A – Primary,  3947 kHz, LSB, HF
ODEN/A – Alternate,  7240 kHz, LSB, HF
ODEN/B – Primary,  3943 kHz, LSB, HF
ODEN/B – Alternate,  7248 kHz, LSB, HF
ODEN/C – Primary,  3578.5 kHz, CW, HF
ODEN/C – Alternate,  7050 kHz, CW, HF
ODEN/D – Primary,  3578.5 kHz, USB, HF,  Olivia 4/500 1300Hz center
ODEN/D – Alternate,  7050 kHz, USB, HF,  Olivia 4/500 1300Hz center
Maryland – DC,  3920 kHz, LSB, HF
West Virginia,  3865 kHz, LSB, HF
Hurricane Watch Net,  14.325 kHz, USB, HF, http://hwn.org/

HF Nets


ODEN is the Old Dominion Emergency Net.

Standard VHF repeater offset is 600 Khz. Frequency spacing is 30 or 15 Khz.

Standard UHF repeater offset is 5 Mhz. Frequency spacing is 25 or 12.5 Khz spacing.

If you cannot use the primary repeaters from your location, try a Mutual Assistance repeater or any other repeater that you can reach. Ask for a relay to pass traffic back to the Net Control Station.

If all primary VHF repeaters are down, monitor Simplex.

Try any repeater you can reach and request a relay.