LAST NOVEMBER 2019 ARES MEETING – Tuesday, 19th at 7:00PM

Location:  Viet Chopsticks, 19385 Promenade Dr, Leesburg, VA 20176  (EOC is not available)
  • Discuss Loudoun ARES Net that will soon be held Tuesdays at 8:30PM on N4FSC Repeater – 145.31 MHz (PL 77)
  • Review NCS script
  • Discuss anti-jamming techniques such as Primary, Alternative, Contingency and Emergency (PACE) and alternating PL (requires repeater coordinator)
  • Steps to complete INOVA WINLINK install
  • January SEP – Need just two more volunteers to sign up for the 8AM-2PM At Home.  See attached sheet. NB: signing up is a firm committment. You can of course participate even if you cannot sign up now.
  • Bring your Training Task Books for signature

November 12, 2019 INOVA Hospital Field Visit

The Kenwood D710 located on the second floor radio room  was connected via a USB-to-Serial (8 pin) cable to a laptop with WINLINK.  We successfully sent and received email over the radio.  Hospital located at 44045 Riverside Pkwy, Leesburg, VA 20176


  • Plug the USB side of the cable into the PC.
  • Plug the 8 pin accessory plug in the back of the head unit of the D710 labeled COM (NOT in the main body, that is the programming port).
  • Start Winlink
  • Configure Winlink
  • Open a Telnet Winlink session to download any backlogged messages.
  • Open Packet Winlink session.
  • From SETUP, pick the D710 from the drop down menu. Be sure you choice the correct Band A or B.
  • Pick the correct Serial Port for your USB cable.
  • Change the Maximum frames to 2.
  • Click OK.
  • Pick a nearby by gateway and not the frequency.
  • Set Band A or B to that frequency.
  • Choose Start.
 To Send a message:
  1. Create New Message
  2. Post to Out box
  3. Select “Open Session”
  4. Select Start